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Armor Weapons Set Effects Cumulative Effects 2 Set Effect: Defense: + Defense: + 3 Set Effect: Max HP: +15% Max MP: +15% Max HP: +15% Max MP. I recently returned to MS after 2 years, and I have a level Kaiser (my main), and I currently have the full Tempest set, yet every other warrior I see has the Lionheart gear. I've looked up where to get it, and I keep getting Empress equips and apparently a Mihile boss. General MapleStory Forum Talk about MapleStory in general The Lionheart set is lvl and you need the coins (dropped by Von Leon Well, you can get the level equip recipes from PvP, but it's really rare and from.

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Hello Hello I was wondering if someone on Renegade had an helm/cape/boots and a Demon Slayers lionheart weapon accumulating dust in. Lionheart Battle Helm, Req Level: , Req Stats: STR , DEX Weapon Att.: 1. Weapon This item is part of the Lionheart Set. The following equipment. MapleStory Equipment Set are equipment (armor, accessory and weapon) of the same kind used together . Lv MapleStory Lionheart Set.

In Maplestory, there are certain equipment that will provide bonus stat effects and special abilities once they 5 Set Effect: Max HP/MP +, weapon Attack/Magic Attack +1, Accuracy/Avoidability. .. Lionheart Set (Warrior). MapleStory M · May 25 ·. Now that the Don't set too high, but just enough to limit afkers and leechers. Game system: 1. . Paden Brown Need Lionheart Gear · 7w. Keal In Didn't get any wecondary weapon yet.. marksmen are kewl:). Maple M MARKETPLACE [ BUY / SELL / TRADE ] LHC (Lion Heart Castle) Party Quest Guide | Lion heart challenge | Lion The main quests are all about getting drops from monsters, but even in the test server the drop rate low. On top of that, there's a set bonus if you have the helmet, overall, glove.

Today my Amaterasu set outperforms my Lionheart set! That does mean that this blogpost will be a long one to go through, though. that I've been playing MapleStory Europe on my Hero for more than nine years by now. Root abyss/nova or tyrants, with a scarlet weapon at least because you don't wanna loose boss%, otherwise just buy 6 set empress with nice. Soul Eater. Join Date: Jun ; Posts: ; Location: New york; Country: Israel; MapleStory IGN: Dual; MapleStory World: Khaini.

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Upon defeat of Corrupted Empress Cygnus, players can obtain the Dream Stone, which can be used to craft the “Empress Equipment Set. Buy Aquila Maplestory Lionheart Set in Singapore,Singapore. Get great deals on Video Games Chat to Buy. 2 Set Effect: MaxHP: +, Max MP: +, +30, +30; 3 Set Effect: All Stats: +50, +35, . LV MAPLESTORY LIONHEART SET. For MapleStory on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled So Rising Sun Also my server cannot get legit sets of the gear =\ only hackers have it. Lionheart, Two-Handed Sword, Level 35, STR , Fast Weapon .. Get this item if you are a warrior by completing the quest Lost in the Ocean (Level 35). I'll be maining a Zero, so I can't get the full four piece RA set bonus. I'm not sure which of Lionheart Lucky Item Scroll (50%) - Imperial Brave. Here is the sets for warrior and depends on your class, you will get a Lionheart for warrior, raven for thief, falcon for bowman, dragon tail for. yay my dream of getting an Empress Mage Weapon Equip is coming: D. Quote Whole set is Hat, Overall, Shoes, Gloves, Cape and Weapon. Alternatively you could use the 2-handed sword Lionheart which can . I completed the monster card set for Kru while looking for Maple Storm Fingers. Didn't find any knuckle and it wasn't in the monster book drop list either.