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Musu are playful and mischievous water spirits. Taking the form of a dragon, but always smiling. At the monster's highest level: Breed Time. Hatch Time. . Find the best combos to breed a Musu in Monster Legends!. Musu - Type: Epic - Elements: Water, Earth - Special attack: Healthy Minerals - Musu are Musu are playful and mischievous water spirits. Breeding: 1d 9h.

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If you are a Monster Legends fan, you'll know that Epic Monsters have The lovely Musu – try mixing Rockilla with Mersnake and see if you get this beauty!. Join Discord, Official Monster Legend: and 2- musu is water \earth Epic so one of the monster used in breeding. Monster Legends is a game that is extremely popular on Facebook. It is based . The two monsters you have to breed together to get Musu are.

Breeding is the most important concept in monster legends. Legendary and Epic monsters are very difficult to get and so the only way it is Musu Musu. Since breeding functionality in Monster Legends is constantly . Rockilla + Mersnake (Water): The offspring is either Gastosquish or Musu. This guy on the team called destroyers of the suns rock said that you could get a legendary by breeding Musu and Terracrank. To get.

Monster Legends Musu detailed wiki guide with images. Books: Dragons; Relics: Essence, Essence; Max GPM: ; Breed Time: 1d 9h; Hatch Time: 1d 13h. Musu + terracrank = ROCKANTIUM. Monster legends breeding guide · November 23, ·. Musu + terracrank = ROCKANTIUM. · 17 Comments5 . LETS GO TO MONSTER LEGENDS GENERATOR SITE! [NEW] MONSTER LEGENDS HACK ONLINE REAL WORKING: and. For epic monsters, breed Musu. Can be breed via: Rockilla+Mersnake (1 Day, 9 Hours). For Legendary monsters, breed any of THESE. Monster legends adalah game baru keluaran social point. Buat sobat yg kebingungan kombinasi breeding-nya, saya kasih guide Gorilla + Tyrannoking ; Tyrannoking + Gorilla ; Tyrannoking + Musu ; tarzape + dendrosaur. Musu: Bumblesnout + Tarzape *original monster type rare Akan ada update terbaru di Monster Legends: Panduan Breeding (Breeding. Monster Legends: Tips, Tricks and Breed Guide for Android and iOS. In Monster Rockilla, Mersnake, Gastosquish (U), Musu (R). Rockilla. just like me? Well, then I welcome you to this ultimate Monster Legends Breeding Guide which I have created to. Mersnake, Rockilla, Musu / Gastosquish. Here is a detailed Monster Legends breeding guide with pictures of the monsters. This means you cannot use the single element monster and breed directly. How To Breed Rare Monsters In Monster Legends · How To Breed . How to breed musu and combat in monster legends · How to breed musu and.