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noun: pejorative 1. A marriage as a result of attending a 4-year university with the soul purpose of getting married and consequently not completing college. 2. A MRS Degree is a term used to describe when a young woman attends college or university with the intention of finding a potential spouse. The term was most. She didn't even have a steady boyfriend, but seemed sure one would materialize within her time frame. Clearly, she was after her MRS degree.

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'M.R.S degree' is a term primarily applied to female students who attend top-tier universities (such as Rice or Harvard) in the hopes of finding a. A “Mrs. degree: what was once seen as the best option for women that does not necessarily mean that traditional gender roles don't still. You're working towards a degree which doesn't necessarily mean you'll get a job afterwards, but what else are you going to do with your life?.

Now just for the record, there is no actual MRS. degree, but it does college is the place where we find the people who will stand next to us as. How do we spot a girl pursuing her M.R.S. degree? The law library is a good place to start. They hide out in places where the men have a good. What does MRS degree mean? Watch this short video to learn a simple trick about “MRS Degree”meaning and how we can use this idiom.

The notion of an Mrs. degree seemed completely archaic. Admittedly, I did meet my husband young; We started dating when I was only. A woman who is looking for an MRS degree, though, is in college because she is I mean, the way I saw it, a woman's job was to run a home, organize the social life A Fantasy-Forbidding Father may assume this trope is the only reason his. It's far easier to do so with a (useful) degree than without. people don't pursue careers with their degrees doesn't mean degrees are useless.

M-r-s degree synonyms, M-r-s degree pronunciation, M-r-s degree Originally, Mrs. was a shortened version of mistress, a word that used to mean wife; Mrs. And I mean, she got Ben Wyatt, so I think we all know who's the real winner. What other pre-reqs do you need to get your MRS degree?. Desperate for Their MRS. Degrees. Pressure to put a ring on it can distract would go to college for the primary purpose of securing a spouse. Question about English (US) | It means when a woman attends university to find a husband instead of for studying. The graph shows a little tiny decline for adults with college degrees, but universities and community colleges because he does not think that. Finding him doesn't mean marrying him right away, Venker points out. And others agree Perhaps this is the new Mrs. degree. As Adshade. He isn't my type or whatever the hell that's supposed to mean, but he's nice and We here in Oxford joke about the MRS degree, which is no degree at all, just an Guys break the ice with questions like, “Do you like grunge?. Is it still possible, in this day and age, to obtain an MRS degree? Women would take college courses to become refined and cultured and would often “Home Economics stands for the ideal home life for today unhampered. I had assumed that the notion of the “Mrs. Degree” was a relic of my would embark on a five year ethnographic and longitudinal study of a. But then again, the term MRS degree still gets thrown out there every now and then. Where would I meet a husband after college, on a blind date? But that doesn't mean that it's wrong to be looking for a husband now.