What is 6245 text message

The number is showing as an outgoing text message on my US Cellular phone bill several times.. what is this number?It comes at all the times my husband. Hey all, in the past few weeks I've been getting SMS text messages from - they are blank, and often come in at the same time as an MMS/email addy message. Does anyone know what this mysterious number is and how I can stop it? I switched to the unlimited incoming plan. Report a phone call from and help to identify who and why is calling from this number. I got a text from No area code, just those four numbers.

Ex: Suppose some one sends a text message using angelcry.me angelcry.me, what is the number that gets displayed in the From. Once in a while, I get odd nonsensical text messages, which remind me of regular email spam, from the number Usually there're two at a. It seems that when i get a text message (SMS) via an email send to [email protected] it comes to my phone as This causes one.

And on the Text Messaging Detail it shows what cell phone The code is when either you send or receive a txt msg from an email. I have one SMS thread for with four different messages from different email addresses. I can't reply to any of them without tapping on the. is a text from Verizon's vtext site. So the text is coming from the internet, not a phone.

Hi,. =MAIL. Usually you would get INBOUND messages from when someone sends an email to. sorry to burst your bubble. but i've been receiving texts from this number for a long time and saying i've txted back but i havent, NOR have i. My teen daughter had her Verizon cell phone, and her iPod touch stolen at same time, and we had 84 text to/from Verizon would only tell. On 2 occasions now I have received bizarre messages that appear to come from the same text address used by SS, named One was. Updated Some wireless devices may convert text messages (SMS) to picture In the To or phone number field of the text message, enter (MAIL). to my sms/mms address ([email protected]). use as the paging number/shortcode for all SMS MT e-mails. Like so many other Android users, I rely on Messages for Android — Google's text messaging application — every day. It's my main means of. Sprint is conducting a trial with a new system that gives employees and customers with CDMA devices the ability to report SPAM text messages. An hour ago I received one text (went into my blacklist account) from and it wasn't from the library telling me to pick up my books. Instead it. angelcry.me is a companion web site for use by subscribers of Text Messaging. This site expands your Text Messaging service by offering a spectrum of cool.