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Opening a folder automatically on a Mac when a CD is inserted saves you a step when you simply want to view the contents of a CD inserted into your CD-Rom drive. By setting your preferences ahead of time, you can tell OS X to always open a new Finder window when the computer. You insert it into the optical drive and when it appears on the desktop you double click on it to open it. If it doesn't appear on the desktop then. The Remote Disc feature of your Mac lets you use files stored on a CD From Control Panel, open Hardware and Sound; Click DVD or CD.

how do you eject a remote disc on mac

For new Mac users, opening the CD DVD drive may be a bit confusing, until you find the magical keyboard button that does it. This wikiHow teaches you how to eject a CD from your Mac, as well as how to remove a CD from an unresponsive CD drive. While the last few. Unlike many PCs, Macs don't have a manual eject button on their optical drives. You can eject a CD or DVD from a Mac using one of these methods.

You can set the Windows program of your choice to open when you insert a music CD, picture CD, video DVD, or a blank CD or DVD. From the Mac OS X Finder. Many Apple users still own products with optical drives - and at some point a disc will probably get stuck in that drive. So, what can you do when. In the event that a disk has become stuck in your Macintosh computer, there are several steps you can take to try to force it to eject. Restart your.

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Files format are easier for Mac users to download and install Eject the original CD/DVD from the computer and insert a blank one. A reader who no longer uses his Apple keyboard is having trouble ejecting CDs and DVDs from his Mac Pro. Here are several workarounds for. Open System Preferences on the computer with Note that this doesn't work for audio CDs or. Once you've enable the remote disc sharing on either a Mac or Windows computer, you can open the Finder on your Mac without a disc drive. Here are 10 methods proven to eject any stuck CD or DVD without wasting your money Home» Apple Mac OS X» 10 Ways To Eject a Stuck CD or DVD from. How can he eject the cd drive without the Mac Rumors . keyboards can have F12 or something like that configured to open the CD tray. Fortunately, there are some simple steps that can be taken to force eject a disc that's stuck in your Mac's optical drive. Just because your Mac doesn't have a built-in SuperDrive doesn't mean you can't On the Mac that doesn't have the optical drive, open a new 'Finder' window. On occasion your Mac may decide not to eject a CD or DVD, luckily there are a few simple methods for ejecting a stuck disk. If you have one of the Apple Pro keyboards, the eject key now opens AND closes the CD tray in OS X The good news for you non-Apple.