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There is a lot of speculation in the automotive world regarding who makes Supertech Oil and how is it available so cheap compared to its. I thought I read here (sometime back) that if the bottle has a W on the bottom, then Warren made the oil. Recently I had a question about Super. Could anyone confirm Warren is packaging Walmart Supertech Oil; WARREN OIL COMPANY – San Antonio, TX API licensed SAE 0W Full.

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I've been using Supertech synthetic oil for the past couple years. Walmart doesn't make oil, you's rebranded stuff from a major refiner. We've reviewed Super Tech vs Mobil1 motor oils on today's market. What I do like is the anti-wear additives that may make this oil protect. It is made by The Shell Oil Company, same makers of the famous Shell Rotella. Of course, I use only FULL SYNTHETIC.

See this thread for information on Walmart SuperTech engine oil: supertech is just renamed superflow, made by exxon, who owns moblie. My local Wal Mart is now doing oil changes alot cheeper than any quick lube but I am concerned about the quality of the Wal Mart oil. Maybe its. Super Tech Motor Oil · Super Tech Lubricating Greases, Oils & Sprays · Super Tech Transmission, Brake, & Steering Fluids · Super Tech Automotive Cleaners.

Give your vehicle the special treatment it deserves with Super Tech Full Synthetic SAE 5w Motor Oil. This 5W motor oil offers increased protection for. Now, SuperTech doesn't make a drain pan, but thanks to their It's not just oil that Walmart sells for cheap; they have SuperTech power. General LSX Automobile Discussion - Interesting Read about SuperTech WalMart Oil - I'm going to start buying this stuff now instead.

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As long as the oil weight and certifications match what your car Valvoline, even the discounted brands such as Walmart's Supertech and. My thoughts - that Walmart Supertech Fully Synthetic 5w20 oil sure burns. Thinner oil makes it easier to get around the rubber rings. However. Super Tech Full Synthetic 5W API SN ILSAC GF-5 this sample meet the requirements of an API SN, ILSAC GF-5, SAE 5W engine oil. I have been doing research on the Walmert Super Tech oil. I already know that it's mostly made by Warren corp. I don't know its quatilty etc. Walmart Supertech Synthetic Oil Analized Walmart changes the suppliers of their house brand products, so I can't be sure who makes it now. me your opinion on WalMart's SuperTECH, Full Synthetic motor oil? . One of the big oil companies makes Super Tech the only question is which. I was wondering if anyone knows who makes Super Tech Synthetic Oil for Re: Any of you OIL guys know who makes Super Tech Synthetic. The private label motor oils the chains sell are all made with virgin dinosaur wine by major refiners. When I was with Mobil we canned the oil for. Qty 4 SuperTech Oil Filter ST8 Fits Many Years, Makes and Models FREE SHIP!! Including Ford Dodge Vintage and Big Block applications. New in box. Who makes the Super Tech oil? 92 SL2, 5 speed I used Super Tech oil and was burning 1 1/2 quarts every 3, miles. Just for the heck of.