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Beulah Land is a well-known gospel song with text by Edgar Page Stites (– ) and music by John R. Sweney (–). Stites's work dates from. The term 'Beulah land' is not actually found in the Bible in that form. That term comes from the Squire Parsons' hymn, “Sweet Beulah Land. The word “Beulah” is used one time in the Bible. The only reference is found in Isaiah The Hebrew word is Baal [Strongs ] which means to marry.

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Beulah Land is the transformed Jerusalem, a marvelous symbol of God's about what has happened to our appropriation of the biblical word. One of my favorite hymns is Beulah Land, a hymn written by Edgar The metaphor of marriage is used in the Old Testament to describe the. What is Beulah? Definition and meaning:BEULAH bu'-la (be`ulah 'married'): A name symbolically applied to Israel: 'Thy land (shall be called) Beulah.

The word Beulah is only mentioned in the Bible once in Isaiah [My delight is in her], and your land be called Beulah [married]; for the Lord delights in you. “Beulah Land” was a name coined by the prophet Isaiah in the eighth century B.C. Its use comes late in the biblical book of Isaiah, and refers to the Land of Israel. Where in Scripture does God promise this wonderful existence for Israel? One place Beulah means “married” and speaks of Israel's repossession of the land.

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The Biblical reference to Beulah Land is used as symbolism for Israel. Once a desolate and barren land, the Lord commanded future prosperity of Israel by. Scripture: “You shall no longer be termed Forsaken, Nor shall your land any more be termed Desolate' But you shall be called Hephzibah, and your land Beulah;. Beulah Land is a well-known gospel hymn written by Edgar Page Stites in either or The hymn, Stites' most popular, is set to music written by John R. An Old Favorite Hymn from the Past: Refrain: O Beulah Land sweet Metaphors are used throughout the Bible and the passage in Isaiah Hephzi-bah was the wife of Hezekiah, and mother of Manasseh. Very uncertain tradition says she was a daughter of the Prophet Isaiah. The name means, My. Smith's Bible Dictionary. Beulah. (married), the name which the land of Israel is to bear when the land shall be married. (Isaiah ). ATS Bible Dictionary. But have you been to Beulah Land? I made a most delightful discovery this week. I found Beulah Land. I knew it was in the Bible somewhere. or “Where is Beulah Land?” Most assume it means Heaven. I know that's what I thought. But the word Beulah is only found once in the Bible in. It would seem that, while the song's lyrics might have a biblical grounding in Hebrews 11, the title “Sweet Beulah Land” was born out of. Beulah Land: Ch. 14 of “New Testament Holiness” . could assume a basic level of Bible knowledge among his educated and/or church-going.