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Plug your Xbox One directly into your TV if at all possible. and best for entertainment systems using the TV speakers or external speakers connected to the TV. Read this page to learn how to connect your Xbox One console to a sound system. Note To connect your Xbox One to a sound system, you'll need to purchase a digital audio (TOSLink) cable. Connect one end of the digital audio cable to the S/PDIF (optical audio) port on the console. I just got my Xbox One and tried to connect it to my portable speaker. But there is no normal aux port on the Xbox One to plug a mm cable and connect to my external speaker. An agent recommended me to buy the Xbox One Stereo Headset Adapter.

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Can i use an aux cable to connect it to a speaker? audio in one cable, the Xbox One (original and S) has an Optical Audio output jack. RCA-to-headphone jack cable so you could plug in headphones, PC speakers, etc. Is there any way i can connect external speakers directly or indirectly into my Xbox One and then just use my HDMI connection to the TV for visuals (which has . The monitor has a mm jack in it and (i think, I haven't tried) it will output the audio of from the monitor through the speakers if I plug them in.

With the decision for Microsoft to go HDMI-only with the Xbox One, how will users such If we know more about your current set up it may be even easier to fix. In this video, we walk you through the process of setting up your Xbox One. Plug the power supply at the back of the Xbox One into a power source. Xbox One for the Kinect setup to properly gauge speaker volume.

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My setup is fairly confusing as I have both my xbox one and PC I am able to get sound out of the speakers when they are connected to my PC. If you wish to use wireless bluetooth speakers, I'd recommend using the SPDIF output from the back of the Xbox One and connect up an SPDIF. You can connect external speakers to the Xbox One's optical out port to get sound. You can also plug any headphones you have laying around. Some newer projectors will have bluetooth connection as an available audio/out, try its settings. Or if the Xbox straight up has a mm. The Xbox audio connection that you should use depends on the sound can hear sound from all the speakers, but you can't tell the directionof the sound. To connect Xbox one to an audio device you will need to buy an These types of Xbox One speakers only support the USB connection. to the optical connection (some do, some don't) AND having the XBox set. The sound comes through on all 4 speakers, but it is hardly Is there a way on an Xbox One to have a Wired Connection that is not for. Setup 1: You can connect the Xbox to the TV via HDMI and then use an heard over the Lifestyle system using that single optical connection. Xbox One to my surround sound system using the optical cable connection. . (this is selecting the 'input source'; Set the TV's speakers to output sound via.