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Prostate cancer screening tests include the PSA. Read more; then talk to your doctor about the risks and benefits, and whether you should be. (See If Prostate Cancer Screening Test Results Aren't Normal.) Most men without prostate cancer have PSA levels under 4 nanograms per. Whether to test healthy men with no symptoms for prostate cancer is controversial . Medical organizations don't agree on the issue of screening.

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Cancer screening tests — including the prostate-specific antigen (PSA) test to look for signs of prostate cancer — can be a good idea. Prostate cancer screening. The goal of screening for prostate cancer is to find cancers that may be at high risk for Screening for prostate cancer begins with a blood test called a prostate . Screening for prostate cancer is done to find evidence of cancer in otherwise healthy men. Two tests are commonly used to screen for prostate cancer.

Should men get a screening test for prostate cancer? WebMD has the details. A study performed subsequent to the meta-analysis (the Clustered Randomized Trial of PSA Testing for Prostate Cancer) looked at screening. Transrectal ultrasonography (TRUS) alone is not accurate and has a low sensitivity and specificity as a screening test for prostate cancer. The limitation of TRUS.

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There is no national screening programme for prostate cancer because we don't have a reliable enough test to use. Current tests have risks. Prostate cancer screening may help detect prostate cancer, but remains controversial as it has not been shown to reduce deaths from prostate. Prostate cancer can be detected in its very early stages -- and the sooner this Screening refers to testing to find a disease such as cancer in people who do not . Information about screening for and the diagnosis of prostate cancer from CancerCare. Surprisingly, there is a lot of debate about whether ordering the PSA test for routine annual prostate cancer screening is a good idea. This is partly because of . There's currently no screening programme for prostate cancer in the UK. This is because it has not been proved that the benefits would outweigh the risks. PSA testing guidelines from the American Cancer Society emphasize discussing the pros and cons of prostate cancer screening with your doctor, including your. The Standing Committee on Screening has prepared a position statement on the suitability of the prostate-specific antigen test for population screening. For years, doctors have used a PSA blood test to screen men for prostate cancer. But the PSA test can do more harm than good. Here's why. A BMJ commission considered whether or not regular screening for prostate cancer using the prostate-specific antigen test is truly necessary.