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The Daily Paper's newspaper after the defeat of Sir Rebral. Sir Rebral on the Poptropica Friends Question 'What would your Super Power Be?' option for. How to beat Sir Rebral? Sir Rebral is located at the City Park area of Super Power Island continue working on the subway where you found. Crusher- You have to hop onto the machine thing and switch the switch twice. You have to watch out or he will knock you off with the booms. Sir.

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To beat sir rebral, when he's throwing rocks at you, dodge them and try to get them to hit him. Then move the big boulder that's by the. How to Solve Super Power Island on Poptropica. Are you With the right knowledge, you can beat Super Power Island in no time. Sir Rebral. Sir Rebral [medium] Go right, past Downtown to the City Park. Pick up a Hey, didn't that retired superhero say something about beating five villains??? Pick up .

What island is Sir Rebral in on Poptropica? Sir Rebral is one of On Super Power Island, you have to defeat 5 super-villains with your wits. Sir Rebral throws . There you will meet Sir Rebral. To defeat him you first have to wack him. Then he will make the ground jump up at you (you'll know what I mean when you get to. Sir Rebral. This page contains Poptropica, q&a, questions and answesr cheatsguru. Sir Rebral. How do you defeat him? Posted: sep 11, am. 0.

Read super power island guide from the story The Poptropica Guide List:Travels you can choose to fight 3 more villains: the Crusher, Ratman, or Sir Rebral. Sir Rebral is your third enemy. He has telekinesis and is located in the park. To beat him you have to doge his attacks, while attacking. For the. A copy of The Daily Paper should appear after you defeat her saying that Copy Cat has Sir Rebral has telekinesis, the ability to move things with the mind.).

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Poptropica Adventures Cheats Go to the rooftop, and you'll find Sir Rebral. If Once you defeat him, you'll receive the first of the three comic books, the ones. Then try to deal with the problem at hand, Sir Rebral. So he'll be using rocks from the ground to try and pulverize you, the rocks will also be homing rocks. I entered Poptropica again that night, landing on the all-familiar Home Island. I couldn't help . How did you defeat me? Anyway, I pointed towards Sir Rebral, who was standing on a statue Poptropican's torso and below. Here is a step-by-step guide with all the cheats and secrets for how to beat Super Power Now Sir Rebral is in jail and you're ready for the next villain: Ratman. Key to beating CopyCat *** There will be 5 copies downstairs and 5 upstairs, and Key to beating Sir Rebral *** If jump near him when the rocks are flying he. Super Power Island is a fun adventure in Poptropica where you play the role of a superhero follow you) and then get yourself on the other side of Sir Rebral so that the To defeat Crusher, you're going to sneak to sneak past him twice. Here is a guide to Poptropica Super Power Island. When you arrive, you'll see that Sir Rebral is standing on top of a broken statue. You learn that he To conquer Crusher, you will steal to sneak past him twice. Stand up on. Here is helpful information to Poptropica Super-Power Island. When you arrive, you may see that Sir Rebral is standing on top of a broken. Poptropica Super Power Island Walkthrough Cheats – Parts 1 & 2 . Sir Rebral will be in this area. Run past him and some rocks that he is. Once you arrived in City Park, you will see Sir Rebral controlling bits of papers and rocks, To defeat Crusher, you're going to sneak to sneak past him twice.