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If your LinkedIn profile is set to public, it will have a web address (URL) you can use to share with others. On your profile page, click Edit public profile & URL on the right rail. Under the section Edit URL in the right rail, locate your public profile URL. We can't make custom URLs available to members upon request. You can change your URL up to five times within six months. Once you have. Liz Ryan explains how to customize your LinkedIn profile URL so you can use it in Gallery: 7 Ways to Make LinkedIn Help You Find A Job.

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Also, there's a chance to make it a whole lot shorter doing so. Just note that the URL you choose must be unique across all of LinkedIn. But the default LinkedIn profile URL can be long, clunky, and difficult to include You get to choose what goes after this, but we recommend a. Get a custom LinkedIn URL in 3 easy steps. Follow our weekly quick tips to improve your professional brand and boost your career in five minutes or less.

In some industries, a LinkedIn profile is all you might need to get To find your LinkedIn URL, you will first need to be logged in to LinkedIn. Find LinkedIn profile URLs from first and last names. connect with them on LinkedIn. Or extract their email addresses with or Get advice on how to include your LinkedIn URL on your resume, as well as tips to on your resume, you won't improve your chances of getting an interview.

One of the first actions to take after setting up your LinkedIn profile should be to customise your profile URL so that you can easily share it both. Customize your URL to make the text more meaningful, such as a shortened version of your full name. LinkedIn also offers a gallery of badges with your URL to. Open a new Web browser window to proofread your LinkedIn profile. Log in to LinkedIn, click the “Profile” tab and click “View Profile.” Make your profile.

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Tips for choosing a custom Linkedin Profile URL, and steps for setting up your a custom URL for your LinkedIn Profile that can make it more recognizable and. LinkedIn will allow you to change your public profile URL more than once (at this time). However, it is better to get it right the first time. As more and more people. My URL reads: And you can click on that link and get to my activity feed. If I copy that URL into a Web . Okay, so now you know what a LinkedIn URL is and how to make it work for you. Now, let's talk specifics–like how and where to find your. You can make good use of that public profile URL link such as: Within articles that you write online as part of your by-line; In press releases or PR pieces; Within. You can't fetch the public profile URL using the browser URL. Via the LinkedIn API, you can fetch a user's public profile url with the following API call: GET. Searching for email extractor with Linkedin url, name and company? Get our Chrome extension for free! Find corporate email addresses with extractor in bulk. Learn how to change your LinkedIn URL to make it more professional and memorable. Customize and own your LinkedIn URL. If you are using the default URL that LinkedIn assigned your profile when you create it, you don't look like a Here's how to make this change: It's easy to do. So if a customized URL for your LinkedIn public profile functions exactly the same Now that you're convinced it's time to get started, visit LinkedIn and follow.