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When What Not to Wear premiered on TLC in , fashion victims everywhere couldn't hide from the show's opinionated hosts, celebrity stylists Stacy London and Clinton Kelly. London and Kelly were tasked with transforming the wardrobes of the fashionably-challenged, per the. Clinton Kelly and Stacy London from What Not to Wear mastered the art of effective closet cleaning and total look transformation. He recently. Will Stacy London and Clinton Kelly Be Back for the New Show? TLC is rebooting What Not to Wear, the show that helped turn the sartorially.

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Clinton Kelly (born February 22, ) is an American fashion consultant and media personality known for his role as co-host on What Not to Wear, a reality. Clinton Kelly is an American fashion consultant and media personality best known for his role as co-host on What Not to Wear, featuring fashion makeovers. If you happened to binge-watch any of the TLC series What Not to Wear (the inarguably greatest makeover show in all of history) between the.

Two months after it was revealed Stacy London blocked her former “What Not to Wear” co-host Clinton Kelly on Twitter, the stylist somewhat. It was like getting like a little slap in the face, Clinton Kelly said of being blocked on Twitter by Stacy London. Art event in Oxford, OH by Miami University Lecture Series on Monday, April 8 with people interested and people going.

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The co-host of 'What Not to Wear' took some time out of his busy schedule wrapping up the tenth and final season of the TLC reality show to. Alexis Stewart and Jennifer Hutt interview guest Clinton Kelly from What Not to Wear. Clinton Kelly and co-host Stacy London appeared to be best friends on their show What Not to Wear, but according to Kelly, the two fashion. Clinton Kelly shared on Twitter Wednesday that his former What Not to Wear costar Stacy London blocked him on Twitter. What's really going on between Stacy London and Clinton Kelly? That's the question fans have been asking after the former What Not to Wear. For ten years, Stacy London and Clinton Kelly were the perfect pair as they ambushed unsuspecting fashion criminals, who have been. Stacy London and Clinton Kelly were the dynamic duo from the hit makeover show What Not to Wear. The TLC series grabbed footage o. On November 15, the world learned that Clinton Kelly and Stacy London, former co-hosts of TLC's reality series What Not to Wear, were no. The hilarious fashion expert and co-host on TLC's What Not to Wear with Stacy London. Most funniest guy you will ever see EVER! He is openly gay but does. Though you may know him best from What Not to Wear — RIP — Clinton Kelly's spent the last few years building an illustrious career, including.