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By Cherlynn Low, LAPTOP Staff Writer | May 1, am When you block someone on YouTube, they won't be able to comment on. So here's how to block someone on YouTube. You followed all these steps to block that person, but YouTube will still ask you to second guess Pingback: How To Delete YouTube Channels From Your YouTube Account - Update Here's how to block someone on YouTube. When you block someone on YouTube, they won't be able to comment Answered Oct 23,

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How to block someone on YouTube. On Saturday, 10 September 52 UTC+1, Evan Michael, The McDonald's Guy wrote. YouTube trolls reproduce at an alarming rate. Before they get out of hand, use this quick and easy blocking method. The quickest 5 steps on how to block someone on YouTube. Click here, this includes pictures and everything you need to know with ease.

Someone offended me to and I blocked them. I would like to see the On Saturday, 13 February UTC+1, Jeannie Taylor wrote. It might be useful to learn how to block unwanted users on YouTube, especially when you are being harassed through pesky messages and How To Block Someone on YouTube Latest update on January 13, at PM by jak If you are a YouTuber, and someone is harassing you, spamming you or you otherwise don't want them to contact you or comment on your.

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6th October Remember, if you frequently block and unblock your YouTube subscribers, it may have a negative effect on the way YouTube views you along So make certain that if you block someone that it is for all the right reasons. YouTube doesn't allow users to block specific YouTube channels, but . (The problem, of course, is that it's easier for someone to create a. You can't stop them from watching but you can block them from commenting. Let them comment once, then go into your community tab in. UPDATED Feb - Keep your kids safe on YouTube. What you can do, Why would you want to block someone on YouTube? TRIGGER. In this article, you are going to learn how to block someone on YouTube channel. If anyone annoying you with comments, private messages just use this guide. Video-sharing platform YouTube is the second-most popular website as of , according to .. On April 6, , YouTube was again briefly blocked, alongside Facebook and Twitter, due to the widespread posting of footage of a prosecutor. by Martin Brinkmann on June 27, in Google Chrome - Last Update: Videos of channels that you have blocked on YouTube are not show on the front . Feb 9, Just go to his youtube channel site, and there on the right hand side (in the middle) it says something like ✓ You can block someone from commenting but you cannot force them to unsub from your channel. We have several subscribers to our channels on YouTube that leave inappropriate Click the subscriber you want to block and navigate to their channel page. A guide to safety, privacy and blocking YouTube. How to block someone; Enabling Restricted Mode; Moderating comments; Deleting videos.