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By default, only the Edit option box is available. Most page protection (semi, template, or full) only requires this box but. Edit requests are requests for edits to be made to a page where editors cannot or Edit requests for fully protected pages must be handled by an administrator. To submit an edit request, click on the protected page's View source tab and then the Submit an edit.

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Pages on Wikipedia get protected because they have suffered from some sort of abusive editing. Generally they are protected for short periods. Editing a protected page. 1. Go to the protected page. 2. Click on View source. 3 . Click Submit an edit. How can I edit a Wikipedia page (with or without having a login)? As more and more people are getting interested in contributing to the.

Administrators can protect a page to restrict editing or moving of that page, and remove such protection. Such protection may be indefinite, or expire after a. Note: When you edit this page, you agree to release your contribution under the CC0. See Public Domain Help Pages for more info. Articles on certain high-profile subjects have been protected to varying degrees from open editing. For example, Renner's page is now.

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Is there ever a guarantee that Wikipedia edits will stick? The chart above shows the classes of editors who can edit protected pages. Finally. Protected Page on Wikipedia. It is better to start practicing your edits on an article that nobody really cares about. One way to earn respect in the. Sometimes, certain wiki pages are protected from editing due to recurring vandalism. Additionally, a wiki's home page is protected and can only be changed by. Edit; Watch; Rename (or move); Lock (protect); Delete; History Save the page and click on that link: you are now editing the new wiki page with the name. Do you want to request an edit be made to a protected page? Create an edit Are you currently blocked from editing Wikipedia and wish to request an unblock ?. Jonathan Schilling, a New Jersey software engineer, has been a highly-active editor of Clinton's Wikipedia page since During that time. Anyone can - it's open to all and can be modified and edited by anyone. However , Wikipedia's administrators protect some pages from direct. Fully-qualified Wikipedia masters really need a user account: It lets you create new pages, edit semi-protected pages, interact with other users. We'll also discuss how to perform both major and minor edits, how to revert edits to fix mistakes, and how pages are protected. The information in this chapter. To request a change to a protected page, you may use any {{Editprotected}} Simply click on the edit this page tab at the top of a Wikipedia page (or on a.