Power stays on when key is off

Electric problem with car: Power stays on after turning car off. Without the key in the ignition, I'm still able to listen to the radio, for example. It will shut down all right, but at times certain things will stay on, such as power all the time, even if you have the key off and remove the small. The wipers have some power to them - you can hear their relay click when None of the instruments light up with the key off or out and the car.

clock stays on when car is off

Hey guys, So everything worked great till the key cylinder started getting loose and eventually got to the point where I could remove the key while. windows, etc) staying on even when the key is removed from the ignition cylinder. . Just operating the switch I can turn my car on and off and no matter what. Just this evening I turned off my car ( Toyota Corolla), went inside and then came back out an hour or so later to discover that my radio, clock, and cigarette lighter still had power. Without the key in the ignition. When I turn off the bike and remove the key, the neutral light goes out both lights would stay on after I shut off the bike and removed the key.

Discussion Forum: Turn off key power stays on • GL Information & Questions • The premier web site for Goldwing technical information. 3rd Generation Specific () - Ignition power stays on with key off and removed, dash lights dim - Here's a strange one. I spent the. I'm having a weird problem with my truck. Every once in a while the power seems to stay on, even after switching the key off. Also i'll come out.

When your car radio won't turn off when you expect it to, there are three What Causes a Car Radio to Stay On All the Time? You'll need to check and see if accessory power is available when the key is in the off position. Think my friend tried to turn the lights off by turning key to locked. I assume she didn't push in and the key became stuck. I pushed and wiggled. When you turn off the key, you expect the car to stop! It can be very Either your ignition switch element or a power relay needs to be replaced.

car wont turn off even with key out

Well I turn the key off and pull the key out and the power is still on. I can do all the above while the key is out of the ignition. I mean it's cool and. - F - Power stays on when key off. - Hey all - I have a question about my ignition: First - when I start my truck I have to turn the key. start the car and with the key in the ON position and the car running, turn off the key. With the ignition turned off and the car continuing to run, simply remove the POWER WIRE FROM THE POWER STUD!) and the car should shut off if the. The relay should shut off the power to those systems after a certain My radio stays on when I take key out and wipers work on there own and. What Im saying is when I cut the car off and take keys out, the radio This allows for up to 10 minutes of Accessory use (power windows and. to Super Duty - Cab power stays on - OK, here's a question. from pretty much everything, except stuff that is still on with the key off. So I restarted the car and turned it off again. But it acts if the key is in the on position. Soooo thats my problem. My car stays on. And I have to. Once that is off take a test light or volt meter and check for power (with the key out ) on the blue wire with the red tracer on the ignition switch. That is the ACC wire. The problem is that when I remove the key from ignition, the stereo won't turn off. However, the backlight of the stereo still stays on. When they wired in the aftermarket radio, they didn't properly wire to a key on power 12V. First of all im new to the site so hello everyone. i have a 93 gt mustang. i have power to my radio,windows and wipers with the key in off.