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An enlarged uterus can be a symptom of a variety of medical issues. WebMD explains possible causes and treatment options. In this article, learn about enlarged uterus, how this condition is caused, the complications and risks associated with it, and the treatment. But pregnancy is not the only reason the size of a woman's uterus can increase, and an enlarged uterus can affect women of all ages.

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We'll explain causes of an enlarged uterus and when you should seek treatment. Displaced endometrial tissue from adenomyosis can cause an enlarged uterus and painful, heavy periods. The uterus is an elastic muscular organ, capable of expandingfrom the size of your fist to the size of a watermelon. What causes an enlarged.

An enlarged uterus may be due to accumulation of endometrial fluid. cancer), and endometrial hyperplasia contribute to causes of fluid accumulation (Fig. I recently had a CT scan and was told that my uterus was enlarged. What size is normal? Is there cause for concern?. However, Kimberly Kho, M.D., says these symptoms can be signs of Adenomyosis is the enlargement of the uterus due to tissue that normally.

An enlarged uterus is frequently encountered in the presence of hormonal abnormalities. The most important hormonal. or malignancy, the diagnostic dilemma of a diffusely enlarged uterus can be challenging. Clinical nancy-related changes, hormonal causes, vascular lesions. Uterine enlargement can occur in a number of situations from both diffuse and focal molar pregnancy - gestational trophoblastic disease postpartum uterus - sti. contents within the uterine cavity - can occur for some reasons and can cause. This can result in an enlarged uterus. Knowing the symptoms of adenomyosis can help women get a head start on a proper diagnosis and a path to treatment. J Reprod Med. Mar;41(3) The enlarged uterus. Relation of uterine size to symptoms and histopathologic findings. LevGur M(1). Author information. An enlarged uterus is very common finding during a routine physical exam. The best type of physician to continue seeing for this is your OBGYN. A wo. Sometimes, the enlarged uterus makes it difficult to lie face down, bend over or exercise without Pelvic Pain — A less common symptom is acute, severe pain. The finding of the glandular material in the uterine wall may cause the uterus to become enlarged (called hypertrophy) and sometimes doctors. Enlargement of the uterus is not uncommon. Pregnancy and other benign medical conditions are the most common causes but in some cases, uterine cancer is. Enlarged uterus is a common sumptom of uterine fibroids. But other conditions can cause enlarged uterus. Why uterus is enlarged.