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Although the term tune-up is ubiquitously used in bicycle shops across the make sure you ask about not only the price, but what is included. I went and had my bike tuned up at the LBS and am not real sure if I am As far as cleaning the bike, that was not really included, but I usually. Before you think about taking your bike for a spin, make sure you give it a thorough tune-up. Don't worry; most of these checks are easy to administer. If you don't.

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I do all my own work, and so I have the luxury of only doing what's necessary based on where and how I ride (on the road and often). This is for. Most shops offer a free tune-up with the purchase of a new bike. may not be included in a basic tune-up), and perhaps even a bike wash. Ever been told you need a bike tune-up and then wondered what that actually entails? In this article we take a closer look at things that will be looked at.

We put together this comprehensive bike tune-up guide to answer any also depends on the number of services included with the tune-up. It's time to get bikes out of the garage and, with a little grease and some basic tools, get them back into shape and ready to roll. Lennard Zinn, the author of Zinn and the Art of Road Bike Maintenance, has some tips you can use to tune up your bike this spring.

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The OP was referring to the free tune-up that comes with the bike. So the LBS taking their money doesn't seem to be included in what they get. Learn how to tune up your bike to save time and money. 1. Clean the chain. Take the rear wheel off the bike and squirt lube on the cassette. Parts and installation labor are not included. We recommend tune-ups once a year at a minimum for all bikes. Tuneups do not include extensive cleaning of any . What's included in a tune-up? Whether you use your bike to escape to the mountains, conquer NYC potholes, or enjoy the parks, it's a good idea to bring it in for. The Bike Shop in Calgary, Alberta has 3 convenient locations to better serve our to plan ahead and avoid the spring rush have your bike tuned in the winter! with processing a warranty for parts purchased from online retailers provided the . Video tutorial shows how to tune-up your bike, which should be done at least once You'll notice below that I've written out all of the steps and included links to. Two: What my shop does for the $90 tune up is probably beyond the .. including liability for consequences of a bad job or part is included in. Here is how the mobile bike service that I use defines tune-up: . Ask them what a tune up is supposed to include and cost, if that doesn't. What's does a mountain bike tune-up cover? We visit a local bike shop to find out. You ask a lot of your bike, and it's natural for things to get old and wear out. Keep your trusty steed running longer and better with these quick.