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Boo. likes · talking about this. My name is Boo. I am a dog. Life is good. Boo is a Pomeranian breed dog but with some different features that makes him a lot different from other Pomeranian breed dogs. Most people. Boo (March 16, – January 18, ) was a Pomeranian dog that became an Internet sensation. He had a popular Facebook page and was the subject of four photo-books. As of March , Boo had over million likes on Facebook . Boo was owned by Irene Ahn, a Facebook employee, who was also the Breed · Pomeranian.

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Boo the Pomeranian may be the most famous dog alive today. sort of eye candy known to man, as millions of his fans on Facebook will attest. boo dog breed | Boo (dog): What kind/breed of dog is Boo? Discover ideas about Facebook Dog . What Kind of Breed is Boo, the Cutest Dog in the World?. Boo, The World's Cutest Dog (6-year-old pomeranian dog of Facebook Employee , What Kind of Dog Is Boo? Amazing history of dog breed - Pomeranian.

Isaac unmasked the owner of Boo, the world's cutest dog. No, really. Boo is the world's cutest dog. Google it. Or check out the book that came. Often referred to as the world's cutest dog, Boo garnered a massive following on his Facebook page over the last decade. He was the subject of. His owners said on Facebook: We think his heart literally broke when Buddy left us. He hung on and gave us over a year. But it looks like it was.

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Boo had 16 million followers on Facebook, made TV appearances, and even released a book called Boo - the life of the world's cutest dog. Boo, a dog massively famous on social media for his adorable face, in Since starting Boo's FB page, I've received so many notes over the but most of all so many kind people friends who gave him endless love. Internet sensation 'Boo,' a Pomeranian who was dubbed in as the In a Facebook post, Boo's owners informed the dog's 16 million fans. Buddy and Boo, dressed up as superheros (Image: Facebook) people, a lot of crazy talented people, but most of all so many kind people . Boo, the world's cutest dog, has passed away at age People are taking to Instagram and Facebook to mourn the famous furball. but most of all so many kind people friends who gave him endless love, the message. Just three years old, the dog has amassed more than half a million followers on Facebook and thousands of Instagram since he joined. The Pomeranian garnered a large following on Facebook over the years and even had his own book, “Boo: The Life of the World's Cutest Dog. Boo the Dog's Journey to the Cutest Dog in the World. His human put Boo on Facebook on May 11th, What Kind of Dog is Boo?. 'World's Cutest Dog' Boo's Mom Works at Facebook The 6-year-old pomeranian has a one-of-a-kind hairdo, a book deal, nearly 5 million. Boo's owner, Facebook employee Irene Ahn, said the adorable pup started ' World's cutest dog' Boo dies from a broken heart: owners but most of all so many kind people friends who gave him endless love, people who.