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The United States Constitutional Convention of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania The delegates elected George Washington to preside over the Convention. The Constitutional Convention took place from May 25 to September 17, , in the old Army in the late American Revolutionary War (–) and proponent of a stronger national government, to preside over the Convention. This page includes an essay on the history of the Constitution, images, documents, links to George Washington presides over the Constitutional Convention.

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A convention of delegates from all the states except Rhode Island met in Philadelphia, George Washington presided over the Constitutional Convention . The four months in Philadelphia during the Constitutional Convention were fiery and intense. 55 delegates had come together to make small changes to their. Presiding Over the Constitutional Convention: The Indispensable Man - During the spring and sweltering summer of , George Washington provided.

Constitutional Convention, (), in U.S. history, convention that drew up the Among them were George Washington, who was elected to preside, James lands) opposing those from large states over the apportionment of representation . It was years ago the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia First, George Washington was picked to preside over the Convention. The convention was divided over the issue of state representation in On September 17, , the Constitution of the United States of America.

Name of the compromise between northern and southern states at the Constitutional Convention over slavery. George Washington. He presided over the. The Constitutional Convention of was a highly contentious affair, George Washington presided over the gathering, which lasted from. Debates erupted over representation in Congress, over slavery, and over the new executive branch. George Washington was elected the presiding officer. The convention was the site of spirited debate over the size, scope, and Hall in Philadelphia and elected George Washington to preside over the convention. The Constitutional Convention met in Philadelphia from May 25 to September 17, , at Independence Hall (then known as the Pennsylvania State House). A painting of George Washington presiding over the Philadelphia Constitutional Convention of This painting, by Howard Chandler Christy, hangs in the. According to the Articles, the president of the Congress presided only over Congress; . Delegates to the Federal Constitutional Convention of created the. Yes we con-conAmerica might see a new constitutional convention in a . of the House preside over the convention, and required a three-fifths. George Washington of Virginia Presides over the Federal Convention of but signed the Constitution, anticipating vigorous debates within their states. The role of The Constitutional Convention in the history of the United States Washington, noted for his patience and fairness, was selected as the presiding officer. . During the Struggle over Ratification: Part One, September February.