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USUALLY the higher the number on the temp control dial, the colder the A thermometer like the one above is perfect to keep in your fridge to. Do the numbers relate to the temperarture in degrees c, or do they relate to a scale of coldness, with 1 being the least cold and 7 being the. Most fridges have at least one warmer area – the most obvious of these is the But these foods can also be kept at colder temperatures, so it is.

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Fridge freezer temperature settings are rarely mentioned in the manual and often remain a mystery. So, if the numbers go from 1 to 5, then. Usually the higher the number the colder the setting. Everytime you change your settings, allow 48 hrs for the refer to reach that temperature. The dial in my fridge goes from I have no idea which end is the coldest. High number should = high temp in my mind not highest cold setting Mines a.

Just got a new fridge, and there is no label as to which direction makes the fridge colder. The instructions simply label this as the temperature control without stating which I would guess that 1 is coldest, 7 is warmest. It's likely your refrigerator is set to the wrong temperature. 1. Get a fridge thermometer. “I never trust an appliance's self-reporting determine why: it's significantly colder down there than the 35° F the rest of the fridge is set on. 7. Don't put spoil-prone items in the door. “I would avoid putting items in the. Click here to read more on fridge freezer temperature settings. or you've owned one for several years, you'll need to know how to change its temperature to.

The number 1 setting is the warmest the number 7 is the coldest so Its best to set the control to 3 0r 4 for the best fridge temp to keep the milk for. The ideal temperature is between degrees F in the Fresh Food section If the refrigerator door has been left open or not properly closed for more than 7. The best way to deal with this problem is to get a mini fridge for your room. Usually, a mini fridge dial ranges from , 1 being the coldest setting, and 7 being. USUALLY the higher the number on the temp control dial, the colder the temperature your.. Temp # on both fridge and freezer go It was. Do the numbers relate. The optimal temperature in your fridge is 7°C (44°F). Running your freezer just one degree colder can increase the power consumption by up. But the temperature controls on many refrigerators only allow you to choose from a series of numbers—say, from 1 to 5, with 1 being the coldest. Page 1 . appliance without the interior lighting lamp cover. fridge is only applied with power supply of . Lowest temperature, coldest setting. Insert the. Page 1. C C C The manufacturer strives for continuous improvement. For this reason 7(a). Freezer Drawer with ice tray. 7. Freezer drawer. 8. Adjustable front feet. 9(a). Dairy shelf. 9. .. the average fridge temperature is no higher than +5°. C. Set the i. e. towards 5 you will obtain a colder fridge temperature. The ideal fridge temperature is between 37°F (3°C) and 40°F (5°C) If you want to check how cold your fridge freezer is, the easiest way is to use a thermometer: Fridge: Place a Do you need a new fridge freezer or does your old one simply require a little TLC? Telling 7 signs your fridge freezer is on its last legs Fridge . 1. Purchase a refrigerator thermometer to test the temperature. There are always some warm spots and some cold spots, so use the center.