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If you are talking about the chest that says Visit for information, I'm pretty certain that you have to play the Flash games on the site, and you will. I know I have to play the flash game but the flash game won't open up for me when I try to play. Is there a trick to it? I went to the guild and stood in front of the. MFH2_Legend88 posted Topic and I went to the website and no idea what im looking for other than chest cant seem to find it so someone.

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Can't open the chest your ancestors left behind? Follow these steps, it's easy. 1. Go to It redirects to. Hi guys, I decided to replay Fable II on Twitch and in an area called The Chamber of Fate there's a chest which when you attempt to open it. This article will show you how to get the chests that are frozen in Fable 2. Some gamers who've played the game are frustrated by the fact that they can not get.

At the beginning of the game there's a treasure chest in the guild hall. When I attempt to open it a message pops up saying to visit to. Hi. There's a chest in chamber of fate I can't open. It tells me to go to I did but can't find anything about it. How do you get it open.., Fable II Questions. Early on in Fable 2, right after you become an adult, you will encounter a treasure chest in the first dungeon near the Cullis Gate (where you are.

Lionhead Studios has just revealed that is once again open for business, After +24h i visited the Chest it still says that i have to visit on website to. The Birth of a Hero is the second quest you receive in Fable II, the first after Open the chest and you will find a Rusty Longsword and splintered Crossbow. Fable 2 at IGN: walkthroughs, items, maps, video tips, and strategies. Open a small table next to the bed to find a key that you can use to Swim to the island in the middle of the oasis and look for the chest by the tree.

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Now you have to find a way to open the chest on the right. The key is in the table next to the bed. Inside the chests you'll find a lever. Follow the path until you. More gold can be obtained in treasure chests and digging up items that your With huge wide open vistas and a superbly diverse palette, Fable 2 is one of the. how do i get to open this chest i have gone to the website with my pc do i have to do it with the xbox or how can i input the code it only says go. Can't open chests It won't met search chests even when it says (A) Search. Im pressing the A button and its not jammed. I can use it to run and. There are a total of 18 silver chests in Fable II, and, just like in the first Fable, you' ll need to find a particular number of silver keys to open each one. Having. When you log onto Fable2 on the Xbox, sign onto Xbox Live and then go to the Guild Cave and open the chest, the items you got from the Flash. You open the Gargoyles treasure by destroying gargoyle heads scattered throughout Albion. After destroying all 50, there is a breakable wall behind the last. Treasure Chest in Chamber of Fate Fable 2. I was already signed in to xbox. com when it said the next time i log on it'll open. But i'm logged. Whether it be discussion about Fable, Fable II, Pub Games, Fable III, that claimed they could still open the chest after the website went down. Lately I run into this problem where I can't open doors (regular, not demon) and chests. Fable Anniversary Showing of 2 comments.