How do i delete my blogspot account

You can back up your blog content and import it to another blog. You can also back up your blog before deleting it. It looks like you're signed out. Sign in to. How to delete your Blogger account - I want my gmail account here, and my youtube account there. And my blog. Have an old blog on Google's Blogger? You can download post and comments from these and then delete them from the web by following.

how do i permanently delete my blogger account?

This wikiHow teaches you how to delete a blog on Google's Blogger How do I get into my blog accounts I made with old email accounts so. Welcome to another fresh article,if you are looking how to delete blogger account permanently then you are at correct place. If you are blogger. I tried to delete it but I couldnt' succeed. When I use the wizard, they say that they sent me the instructions to delete the blog to an old yahoo.

I do not recall the user login information for this blog. When I attempt to log in using my current gmail login information I am re-routed to the Blogger/gmail blog . You're reading this chances are you have made the decision to delete your blogger blog or account. Blogger is one of the most popular. Follow this simple guide to learn how to delete blogger blog permanently. You will also learn how to recover it later in case you want to do it.

Some blog owners want to delete a Blogger account - without knowing the Google account Uncheck Show my profile, as a final step. Blogspot is the name of the subdomain Google uses to host blogs on the free Blogger service. If you have your own blog on the Blogger platform, you can delete. But why did Google delete it to begin with? amount of ourselves on the internet; we're tied to our online accounts, be they our blogs, My blog was a year project, six days a week, Cooper told Vox, and there are many.

how to delete old blogger account

Will deleting old posts help or hurt my blog? We're here with another question from our Blogging Q&A series. If you want to see past articles from this series, just . In one simple step, you're able to bulk delete student blogs using My Class. Once a blog is deleted no one is able to view the blog's content or access it's. Blogger blogging platform allows publisher to upload and embed photos, pictures or images into the blog posts without the need of third-party. A real concern for Blogger users is whether Blogger could (and would) delete their blog without warning or explanation. Indeed, there are many. His blog was hosted by the Google-owned platform Blogger, and other than Yesterday afternoon Google disabled my blog and took it offline. You / they are welcome to take the account recovery exam as many. क्या आप अपने Blogger Blog को delete करना चाहते हैं? करें · WordPress vs BlogSpot: सबसे Best Blogging platform कौन सा है?. Get started with the new Blogger. We've improved Blogger in a big way! In order to take advantage of it, you'll need to complete two simple steps to claim your. Learn how to delete and restore blogs on Google's Blogspot (Blogger) service. I just need to know how to delete my blog. How do I delete a. Bonus instructions for how to unpublish your page without deleting it. Aside: I originally published this tutorial in , and it is Blogging.