How to hang pictures over stairs

If you're hanging pictures that will be viewed from a standing position such as in hallways and foyers the best rule of thumb is to hang your artwork so its center. Hanging art on stairway requires skill — the skills to understand its inclining of frames and then arrange these groups over the staircase wall. How to Hang Pictures over a Staircase. Hanging pictures on a staircase can seem like a tricky task. But with a little bit of pre-planning, it can.

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With some planning and simple jigs you can hang your work on the stair and ensure it's Carefully flip the piece over to measure the back. Picture of Layout . I live in a two-story condo and need to reach a spot on the wall high above my staircase to do some handy work. A ladder is the only way I can. I have always liked the appearance of pictures on stairs. However, in my opinion the pictures must be hung so that they provide an appealing visual effect.

When you hang wall art above your staircase, the goal is to organize the pieces to create a Opt for harmonizing images and picture frames to create uniformity. Any idea how I can get high up on the wall when its my stairway? My home was starting to look like a hoarder house (her house was over 3, sq. ft., mine. Follow the stairs when you hang pictures and do not hang pictures all in one row over one particular stair. Using a vertical hanging pattern will not be nearly as.

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The empty wall space above the stairs is a gallery waiting to happen. and place another piece of tape with a mark on the spot to hammer in a picture hook. Discover ideas about Decorating Stairway Walls How To Hang Pictures Over Stairs Stairway Photo Gallery, Stairway Picture Wall, Stairwell Pictures. Apri. i have pictures to hang on a high wall over stairs. need someone skilled with ladders or scaffolding. It's a question as old as stairs themselves: How do you use a ladder on in a fixture above a staircase; You want to hang pictures along stairs. When hanging artwork on a staircase, aim to keep some, if not all, of your If crooked pictures on the wall drive you nuts, you're not alone. It seems that everyone is in picture hanging mode this week. I have a really neat trick that I have used/taught for decades on how to hang. assorted picture frames ranging in size, shape, finish, texture and color; printer manner is to re-create the shape and scale of the angled stairwell wall on the. 3 Important Tips for Hanging Art on a Stairway. hanging art on a stairway. Stairways are one of the greatest spots in a home to hang art. To stagger your pictures, hang them at different heights, either close together or spaced apart. Start hanging your photos about a foot above the stairs and. Discover ideas about Decorating Stairway Walls. The stairs How To Hang Pictures Over Stairs Stairway Photo Gallery, Stairway Picture Wall, Stairwell Pictures.