How to say worth in spanish

How do I say, it's worth it? We employ a team of language experts and software developers focused on bringing you the best Spanish-English reference. For example: It would be worth it if the weather was better. You are worth it. Any ideas are great Thanks. Translations in context of say worth in English-Spanish from Reverso Context: Shrinks never have anything to say worth hearing.

be worth - Translation to Spanish, pronunciation, and forum discussions. worth definition: 1. having a particular value, especially in money: 2. having a particular amount of money: 3. to be of reasonable or good value for the price. Because charades will only get you so far, it's worth learning how to say what ails you in Spanish. This is a lesson I hope you never need, but just in case.

Get Spanish immersion anywhere with these 5 simple steps for learning Describing pictures in Spanish: A picture, they say, is worth a thousand words. are assets that are compromised, and they are not what they say they are worth, that the market value is something less than what they government pays for. Spanish Translation of “a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush” | The official Collins English-Spanish Dictionary online. Over Spanish translations of.

Always say 'yes', otherwise you'll lead a very dull life. Ian Fleming, Chitty-Chitty- Bang-Bang (); Strauss, Emanuel (). Dictionary of European proverbs. Here are 15 inclusive phrases in Spanish that I would love to see become part of our shared . You know how they say talking about the weather is the perfect small talk? . Get stories worth sharing delivered to your inbox. to say it differently, but vale más que literally translates to worth than variation though because I got the English to Spanish exercise.

Make sure you learn these Spanish expressions and use them on anyone It comes from the verb valer (to be worth, as in ¿cuánto vale? It literally means “ man”, and is also used to affirm or strengthen what you're saying; typically to mean. English to Spanish translation results for 'worth mentioning' designed for tablets and mobile devices. Possible languages include English, Dutch, German. Want to have infinite Spanish language knowledge at your fingertips? There are some amazing “real world” language apps worth investigating. . You say the word or phrase which you need translated into your microphone, push the button. In Spanish you can omit the Subject or the Objeto directo if the context The expression it's not worth much is a common way to say that. The Spanish word nada can mean either nothing or anything depending on how the verb in the sentence is used. (This Congress isn't worth anything. ( The protester spoke for two hours without saying anything. This free audio lesson will teach you how to say different shapes in Spanish. in Spanish. It's always worth knowing how to talk about the weather in Spanish!. Even though it's a mouthful to say, I love this Spanish term for its specificity. I prefer to avoid referring to myself as “American” because it implies. Ain't worth shit Idioms Spanish Dictionary, Grammar, Reference and more. Helping you speak Although I would say ni (una) mierda.. 4 days ago Upon further investigation, authorities pulled half of a kilo of cocaine from under the man's toupée, valued at $ Conoce tu valor is the most common response I've gotten, but I know it's not a common phrase in Spanish. It's for a tattoo, so I'd like it to.