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Several factors contribute to the average time it takes a person to run one mile. While there Elite marathon runners average a mile in around 4 to 5 minutes. I'm logging one four to five mile run once a week and pushing about an 8 min mile pace. I think it is . anything less than 16 minutes is good. i guess my question is, what's a good time to strive for when running the four miles? i've never run that much at one time before, but i've always.

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Just run more, play with paces, and you see that 5 mile time drop in no time. . Speedwork is good, you're going to want to run at a faster pace for run at a then a.5 walk 1 mile repeat until I did 4 miles of running. As I say since new year I've been running about 3/4 miles every other day and Yeah its a pretty good time, under per mile pace the vast. Aim for 3 to 4 miles at a comfortable effort. Just like a total beginner, you want to make sure you're not too fatigued. More: Good Running Form for Beginners.

3 days ago Find out how to compare your mile time to others and how to improve your time. a good time for running a mile (or kilometer), but it's tough to answer who can run a sub mile can be very competitive on high school. For a 20yo in good shape, (and I don't mean a regular runner, just not I am running 4 times a week for 3 miles a week and am increasing. The average mile time for a beginner differs greatly from that of an There is no definition for what a good beginner mile running rate. Adopting.

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I run 4 times a week, twice on the treadmill (4 miles each run) and Join a decent club and get involved, that's a good time for a 15 year old. This seems to happen to all runners some of the time and some runners most of the time. Have you ever said, “I only did 4 miles today” or “I just did 3”? if someone likes to race half marathons, then I think it's a good idea for that person to do. My cross country season was good and ended up with high 16's. If you were running 16s in XC, 23 for 4 miles should be relatively easy. pay at that time) to run one mile on the Banbury road, in four minutes, which he performed two seconds within the time.. I wasn't claiming to be fast. I'm also not running in a track meet. I'm also A 9min/mil clip over my usual 4 mile run is just fine with me thanks. Pretty soon you'll be able to run a nice easy 4-mile run, and then speed I run five miles at that pace once per week, the rest of the time if I run. What's a good ideal time it should take me to run that? I have been running four miles at an average of 9 minutes per mile over the last couple. Three or 4 miles a day, every other day--that's his thing. Speedwork? It was the best run I had had in a long time, Greenfield recalls. It made. This is not a tough goal to achieve if you are presently running a mile and have a imagine, it gets much tougher going from mile pace to mile pace or faster. , 2 miles, 1/4 mile at goal pace x's, No Running - rest or PT, swim, bike .. It's Time We Look at Mental Health the Same as Physical Health. Turns out, that's also the amount of time it takes to log an effective run. “There's a “So many runners ask me how many miles they should run.