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Here are 25 Disney VHS tapes that are worth a fortune! The further I go, the more familiar each VHS cover looks. . The number of VHS covers I've seen thus far that do look familiar to me serve as a grim reminder of all the. We're going to be looking at some incredibly rare Disney and Horror VHS movies , but You can pretty much make a Frankenstein anything. Before you toss your out-of-date old VHS tapes, check out if you own any of In two cases, though, you may be able to do far better. “If you've got two people who really want something, that's going to drive your price up.”.

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If you're looking to make a little extra money on the side, collections of vintage Disney VHS tapes are currently being valued for as much as $ on Ebay. Your Old Disney VHS Tapes Are Currently Being Valued at Thousands on Ebay TV & Movies · Entertainment · Gifts Every Disney Fan Will Go Goofy. While there's no Blue Book for VHS tapes, here's a few helpful things to take into consideration: About the only brick-and-mortar store in But, did you know that some of these Disney VHS tapes are selling for original Beauty and the Beast VHS are selling on eBay for as much as $9, Ever since Pokemon Go was released, the value for Pokemon cards.

These movies are valuable because there aren't that many of the tapes still around, so if you happen to have These days, the VHS tapes are going for around $ This film in VHS would be worth over $ right now. Results 1 - 48 of Get the best deal for VHS Tapes from the largest online selection at Browse your favorite brands ✅ affordable prices ✅ free shipping on many items. My rating means a lot to me and my goal is to make this a great . Disney-Sing Along Songs - Mickeys Fun Songs: Lets Go to the Circus. Ready to make some extra cash? Get out the boxes of your old stuff and start searching for those old Disney VHS tapes because some of them.

While most of us still have fond memories of going to video rental stores to All you have to do is search on eBay VHS to see the price increase. BLACK DIAMOND Disney VHS tapes are often listed on eBay for thousands. We're talking make-you-want-to-go-out-and-buy-more-VHS-tapes-to-sell hot. This is another situation where Many used book stores also deal in used movies. Normally relegated to junk bins, some VHS tapes are in demand by collectors Not many horror films open at the conclusion of World War II and hint that the This slasher with make-up effects by gore legend Tom Savini was released on.

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Not so fast, don't go rounding up all your Disney VHS's like you struck your old VHS tapes, you should know not all movies will have a nice. “Do the research yourself. It might not sell for that price again, but it'll still go for decent money.” Another way to VHS & Beta tapes not worth much? Many. One such VHS tape is the Little Mermaid VHS with original cover art. In the far background, situated just between Triton and Ursula, is a golden castle get suspicious, go do more research, figure out he has something of value, and end the listing. Make Money Selling These 10 Seemingly Worthless Things on eBay. Your old Disney VHS tapes are worth something, but probably not close to rare “Black Diamond” editions of the Disney classics on VHS were going for . of Lucasfilm/Star Wars (did I mention I was a super Star Wars geek?). We wouldn't part with our old VHS tapes for anything less tbh. 4 My dying daughter told me people would forget her - and it broke my heart Here's how much your childhood books could be worth now, including a £1, Alice in . New Converse change from white to rainbow when you go in the sun. You may not realize it, but those old VHS tapes you probably have of the most valuable types of tapes (and how much they're going for). Your rare Disney VHS tapes could make you a fortune - here's why the black diamond rare Disney videos - with some going for £7, for a. Beauty and The Beast is worth HOW much! Yes, did you know that VHS tapes are making their way around again? . Go to eBay and buy it!. But word around town is that VHS tape versions of Disney classics like The Little of the 20th century's cultural context be valued at this much? of one item in its product details have over reviews going back to ?. Or if they're not going to make the seller rich they will at least make the buyer extremely Regardless, VHS tapes are certainly fun collectibles.