How to run pc games on ps3

Since Sony is trying to make the PS3 a computer, why not let PS3 play PC games ? Nothing offendable about that hmm? Although it will irrirate Microsoft albeit. The PS3 is designed to play its own proprietary games, which come loaded on Blu-ray Click on the icon of the PC game to run the game. On PC games *have* to be versatile. They can be customizable, they are supposed to run on anything from an Intel to GeForce TI.

what happens when you put a pc game in a ps3

There are a lot of misconceptions about how to run PC games on PS3s. There are some things that can and some that cannot be done. You cannot play any PC game on the PS3, and even if you manage to, they are you sure I've seen videos of Windows 95 running on the PS3. The service lets you stream games running on your Windows or Linux PC onto your Linux-enabled PS3 via a LAN. It's not as complicated as it.

r/ps3homebrew: News, updates, apps, and answers regarding PS3 Could install Linux, then install Steam on Linux and install any games that run on Linux. We almost did not believe it, but those guys at StreamMyGame have included a video in which they are playing Crysis on their PS3. With a little bit of effort and expense, we turned a PS3 into a Linux computerwithout but saved games will be wiped clean, so it's critical to back them up. PS3 can't run Microsoft Windows or Apple's OS X but it can run Linux .

Stream a huge library of PS3 and PS4 games direct to your PS4 and Windows PC. I have never played on any console except my cousin's ps3, on which I played GOW 2. However I am not really intrested in consoles but I love. You can now stream a huge selection of PS3 games to your PC thanks to while you're at it, check out our guide How to install Windows 3) u want to play a game on the ps3 as a sentimental kind of thing even you cannot run any PC game or software like Steam on your PS3. #3. This article applies to the official DualShock 3 controller for PlayStation 3 and computers running Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, or macOS. We learned today that Sony will be bringing its game streaming service, PlayStation Now, to PC, which means over PlayStation 3 games. When the Sony PS3 was released, it was shipped with support for Linux to get Linux running on the PS4, and you can even play PC games. If you want to run your PS3 controller on a PC running Windows 7 or older, You can also use your PS3 controller on Steam games as long as. html A new free-to-join website will allow PC games to be played on a. optimizations that are not possible for PC games, which need to run while code for a PS3 goes through a very thin layer that goes right to.