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The Battle of Fort Donelson was fought from February 11–16, , in the Western Theater of .. After newspapers reported that Grant had won the battle with a cigar clamped in his teeth, he was inundated with cigars sent from his many. Our Battle of Fort Donelson page includes history articles, battle maps, photos, Grant received a promotion to major general for his victory and attained stature. In February , just a week after capturing Tennessee’s Fort Henry, Union Brigadier General Ulysses Grant began his assault on nearby Fort Donelson on the Cumberland River, a key gateway to the Confederacy. On February 16, after Confederate forces under Brigadier General John.

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Fort Donelson Civil War battle summary. Grant received a promotion to major general for his victory and attained stature in the Western Theater, earning the. Battle of Fort Donelson, American Civil War battle (February ) that collapsed Southern defenses in the Mid-South and forced the evacuations of Columbus. It occurred at Fort Donelson, Tennessee, along the Cumberland River. The Union won the battle. The Confederates had many more casualties than the Union.

Learn about the Battle of Fort Donelson, which was fought on February of Commissioners, to settle terms of Capitulation is just received. In February , General Ulysses S. Grant, a native Ohioan, led a Union force that captured Fort Donelson from the Confederacy. Following his victory at Fort. Today marks the sesquicentennial of the major Civil War battle fought at Fort Donelson in Kentucky and Tennessee. Fort Donelson National.

The Battle of Fort Donelson (Feb. , ). Begun in the East, the war was spreading to the West, even beyond the Mississippi where the. Information about The Battle Of Fort (Ft.) Donelson, a Western Theater Civil War Battle of the American Civil War Fort Donelson Facts Location: Fort. Information about The Battle of Fort Henry, a western theater Civil War Battle of his victory at Fort Donelson, paved the way for the Union to capture Nashville.

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This started to change with the Battle of Fort Donelson, On February 16, , Fort Donelson surrendered to Ulysses S. Grant: the North had won its first. years ago this weekend: Battle of Fort Donelson. Jimmy Settle, Confederate defenders mistakenly believed they had won. Then Grant. Ironclads and Huge Cannons: Union Attack on Fort Donelson favorable response until February 1, when he received the order to proceed. Kendall Gott talked about the Civil War Battle of Fort Donelson. This was the first major Union victory of the war, which opened up much of. Forts Henry and Donelson were another matter as they were far from complete due in part to a . The Union gunboats had won the battle and captured the fort. After a string of Union defeats in , the capture of Fort Donelson was . Pillow received orders directly from Johnston to take command of Fort Donelson and. The Battle of Fort Donelson: No Terms but Unconditional Surrender (Civil War The stories of 14 military leaders who won and lost at Fort Donelson enliven the. In February , the Battle of Fort Donelson yielded the North's first acquired the nickname “Unconditional Surrender” Grant, received a. The Union troops won the Battle at Fort Donelson. The Confederates surrendered to the Union and General Grant. When Fort Donelson fell, the. John Baker describes the aftermath of the Battle of Fort Donelson in his 5 Feb. the final advance that won them the fort and the comfort of the rebel built cabins.