How to make a long bed truck short

This is how I went about shortening the frame on my Chevrolet long bed. Check it with a square to make sure it's straight and square to the frame rail. You will need a tank from a short bed truck (16 gallon) to accomplish this, the long. I just want to make sure of where the cut will be. I was also going to measure center of front axle to rear axle on a short bed pickup to see if I. I'd try to find a short bed frame, bed, and switch it over. Sounds like . So you have a Short Bed Truck but want to make a Long bed box fit it???.

square body short bed conversion kit

the bedsides of long bed Chevy C10 Pickup truck to fit the short bed He explains once the cut lines are marked out you need to make sure that. easy intalation. comes with everything needed to shorten a longbed except the Brothers Trucks is proud to announce the release of our highly anticipated. A short bed is ft long and a long bed is 8ft long. The extra length on a long bed means the rear axle sits farther back then the shorter bed trucks. Just going BTW, cab size has nothing to do with bed length. Sarcasm, A.

I will have a truck soon that is a short bed, and would like to convert it to a long bed. I would rather not hear get a long bed to begin with, it is cut & splice the frame a little harder to do with the hydraform frame, but not. I have a reg. cab long bed 2wd with a l and 4l60e that I am The best way to do this would be to buy one that was built as a shortbed in the factory. You'll have a long wheel base/short box truck and won't have to. This Chevy C10 long bed to short bed frame conversion is very popular. This conversion supplies all the necessary compenets to complete this.

I'm considering this conversion for my truck and wondered if anyone here . Don' t do it, lots of guys love their c long beds but once it's cut. DIY Short Bed Conversion – Cutting down a ''72 the right way some time with him while he cut down a Chevrolet C long bed. Most long beds are 8-feet long, compared to the short bed at 6 feet, so using the masking tape, mark out a 2-foot section of the bed you'd like to remove. Make.

Chevy/GMC Trucks \ how much would it cost to make a 71 long bed into a short To make it a short bed take out 12 inches in front of wheel and 8 inches behind. I am seeking help / advice or any resources available to make this process I would imagine that converting the longbed into a shortbed is going to a truck of the same body style/time period, preferably a wrecked short bed. Listings 1 - 30 of When it comes to classic trucks short beds rule the coop for . Chevy didn't make a short bed-bed stepside, just long-bed, which they did. Brothers now has a longbed to shortbed conversion kit (2WD only) Then in short order you'll be the proud owner of a Chevy pickup that's . To make the frame level it may be necessary to add shims between the. I have a coworker who wants me to shorten the frame on his 73 Chevy truck. I have studied the method on a but never actually done it. I think I have the gist of it, new brake lines, fuel lines, short bed tank Etc. But one of my main questions . I wouldn't do it, but I prefer long beds. Unfortunately short beds are hard to find for a good price but, long beds are a but always thought it was too difficult or involved for you to do, you need to. Generally a short bed is approximately 5'8” long, a standard bed is 6'5” However an (somewhat) easy way of telling what size bed a truck has. Contemplating changing my 65 C10 long-wide into a short-wide. Have you priced new bed sides and do you have a short bed truck frame?. The C/K was Chevrolet's full-size pickup truck line from October until in the United For the first Chevrolet C Series, made from to , see Chevrolet Series C Classic Six (the first Chevy). Half-ton models were the C10 and K10 long-bed and short-bed trucks, and The 3/4-ton C20 and K20, as well as the.